Stay Fit


Although I love fashion a lot, if you know me personally, sports wear is typically my wardrobe. I love leggings so much that I probably wear that majority of the time that I almost rarely or never wear jeans lol. Fitness brands i usually wear are Nike, Adidas, Champion (target), Z by Zella, Reebok, Under Armor, and almost anything that looks comfortable!

Speaking of fitness, you either see me running outdoors or mostly at the gym atleast three times a week. I know a lot of people are more motivated to work out when summer is around the corner (and I admit I work even harder when summer is closer) but really I started loving the feeling of staying, feeling, and looking healthy. Its not even just about looking good in a bikini anymore.

People always tell me that I don't need to work out because I'm skinny, but that's not really my purpose or goal. My goal really is to gain more endurance and strength and a little bit more weight but muscle weight and less fat (not saying fat is not good because we still need them). I believe that It doesn't matter what your size is, its still important to stay healthy and fit.

Apart of me staying fit is having the right kind of diet. I'm not gonna say I don't eat the bad stuff because I would be lying, lol. I am gonna admit that I LOVVVEE to eat and love food that sometimes its hard to avoid eating everything. I make bad food decisions a couple times a week because I am still human lol. Thats more of a reason to work out harder when work out days come around. Not to say that is an excuse for me to make bad food decisions, its just happens that we all need to eat the good stuff sometimes (technically the bad food). As long as we know how to make it up then its not too bad. I also love to drink tea of any kind. One of my favorite ones are from Mate fit. It comes with two different kinds, which has different purposes. One of the tea is a metabolic boost which gives you natural energy (no caffines) and its does kick in right away.  So this a good replacement for caffeine. Also, the detox is what I drink every other night to cleanse the bad stuff in my system. Aside from mate fit I also like to drink roasted rice tea, green tea, and oolong. Those are my mains.

After reading about my fitness side of life, I hope I have somehow inspired all of you to reach your your fitness goals and to always elevate yourself to higher ceiling. Always believe you can make a change as long as you work hard for it. <3 Remember not to hate your body but love it

Have a great day!!!