Rims by Polette Eyewear


I am so excited for this pair of glasses I recently received from Polette eye wear. My very first polarized prescripted glasses. I am usually attractive to big thick frames and lens but this time I thought it would be nice to change it up.

I have been wearing prescripted glasses for some time now so I understand how expensive they can be. I know a lot of eye wear stores can be very pricey (also factoring in the type of lens you decide to get) and the ones that are usually the most affordable are the less attractive ones and less trendy. Well, now you can always stay in style and be trendy at a very affordable price. The designer frames range from $6.99-$49.99, anti reflective/anti-scratching coating lenses from $9.99-$75.00 and you also have the option to precise your lens as photo-chromic, meaning the lenses automatically darken and lighten according to the change of lightness. You have 28 color options when it comes to the frame and also a couple different shades if your going for polarized lens. You could also chose from five types of lenses, four breaking indexes and free coating. Most importantly Polette eye wear is handled by certified opticians, so you have nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, if you want it simply just for fashion, you have that option too and believe me they carry all styles for all personalities.

Visit their website now @ www.polette.com and check out their great selection of eye wear and definitely get yourself a pair!

LASTLY, head over to my instagram account and enter my Polette giveway!! 

UPDATE: I have a winner for the giveaway! Congratulations @SCUNANAN! you are the winner for a pair of poletteeyewear. (05/09/16)