Oahu Vacation: Things to do and see


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A year later, were back to one of our favorite destinations! We left Seattle on a Friday morning, May 3. First time flying out on a Friday, the Sea-Tac airport was packed! Also, our first time flying Hawaiian Airlines. I actually had a good experience. They served a meal along with snacks throughout the flight. They also gave out refreshments often. I would rate their meal out of 7/10. Overall, I would fly with them again.

Arrived in Honolulu around noon and our first stop was at one of our favorite restaurants, Helena’s Hawaiian Food. As always there was about a 20 min. wait which was worth it because this place never disappoints! Next stop was the local grocery store to pick up bottles of water and Gatorade - a must in these humid conditions! Once we got settled into our Airbnb, we just spent the rest of the evening at the beach. Ah, how I missed the beach, so laid back.


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Sadly, the next day we had a rainy day. Everything that we had planned for this day couldn’t happen, lol but no problem, there is still other things to do. We decided to just go downtown Honolulu to grab something to eat and did a little shopping. I had to stop by one of my favorite hotels, The Laylow while in the area. Everything about this property is aesthetic! I came here to grab some coffee at the Hideout. Coffee here is on point! We also went to grab our favorite custard doughnuts at Leonards Bakery, definitely the perfect combination!

Later on that day around noon it stopped raining and the sun decided to come out. So we went to one of my favorite beach, Lanikai beach! I swear this beach is soo gorgeous! I’ll come here anytime. If it’s your first time visiting Oahu, this has to be on your list! There are also a lot of cute shops and lots of good places to eat, so it’s not just the beach to see. You can definitely do a lot of things here.


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One piece: Beach Riot

Monday morning, we had planned to do the Stairway to Heaven hike. First thing is first, we stopped by Island Brew Coffee House to grab some good healthy breakfast. We needed something that will definitely get us fueled. We started the hike at 10:30 am and finished at 7:45 pm. We took the legal way which should take you about 4-5 hours one way depending on how fast you go; how many breaks you take. There is also an Illegal way which only takes an hour, but if you get caught by the security guard you can get a citation up to $1000! Not worth the risk and could ruin your whole trip. If you aren’t aware, it’s a 10-mile round-trip hike. Basically, the first hour is easy peasy then after that everything is up hill until you reach the top of the mountain. Sounds crazy right? It is crazy! LOL. We literally had to climb ropes not once but four times to get up from one mountain to another. We also crawled in some parts of the hike because it was that scary to walk. You only get like 2 feet wide of a walk way. The path is not very safe so it requires a lot of attention and you have to be very mindful and attentive. We both each had a backpack which I though was a bad idea. I will say bring what you only need. My husband had brought some of our camera gear which we didn’t really use since we were afraid to drop them. Food wise, we brought trail mix snacks, protein bars, potato chips, chicken wrap and spamasubi. In total we had about 3 liters of water to share between the both of us. Now that I think about it the smartest thing to do is bring one backpack so that when one gets tired, you could switch off . Attire wise, wear something comfortable especially your shoes. Don’t wear white because by the end of this hike you’ll be muddy from head to toe. So I don’t recommend wearing any of your favorite or expensive stuff.


It really challenged us physically, mentally and emotionally. After all the bruises and sun burns I am so proud of being able to complete this hike, we considered it an accomplishment. If you visit Oahu, and you love hiking with a challenge - this one is for you!

 So glad that we had something more relaxing planned for the next day. We went to Secret Island managed by Kualoa Ranch, which is located in Kaneohe. We paid around $50 (tax included) per person. We drove up to the Kualoa Ranch, got on a bus and rode on a boat which then took us to the Secret Island. This place is actually really cool, not a lot of people and there are activities you could do which is included in the price. You get 2.5 hours to hang out and do whatever you want. Without the wrist band you aren’t allowed entrance. There are a lot of security walking around checking wristbands. They also have other activities at the Kualoa Ranch like paddle boarding, swinging around in their swings or just chillin’ on their hammocks. If you’re looking to get away from the crowded beaches, with some fun outdoor activities - check out Kualoa Ranch during the weekday for their Secret Island tour. Their activities cost depending on what you decide to do. The 2.5 hours do go by pretty fast but I thought it was worth it.


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Last full day in Hawaii, I hate these days! We spent the morning buying some souvenirs to bring back home for the family. Since we didn’t really have an itinerary for this day we decided we wanted to spend one more day in North shore. First stop was at Sunrise Shack - they have all the superfoods, from acai bowls, smoothies, papaya and coffee too! I have tried them all and every time it was always satisfying. It is such a cute little spot and photo worthy too! Ended our day watching another beautiful sunset.


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Another fulfilling vacation in Hawaii. This second time around felt more fun since we spent more time outdoors and the hike was definitely the highlight of our trip. You can’t really embrace the beauty of Hawaii if you don’t go out there and take on an adventure! This place will forever be on our favorite getaway list. Such a relaxing and a total laid back environment. Lots of stuff to do, good food, good vibes, and the people are extremely nice! Definitely planning to visit other islands, until then if you have any questions or needing recommendations please don’t hesitate to ask! I would love to help.