Miami ⭐ Orlando


For 10 days, hubby and I took a trip down to Florida. Spent about 6 days in Miami and the rest we spent it in Orlando. We actually flew into Orlando and decided to drive down to Miami, which was about 3+ hour drive. We arrived in Orlando around 2am and we thought we would really be able to just go straight and drive to Miami, but that didn't happen since we were so tired! It took about another hour or so to get our luggage and our rental car - by that time it was already 4am, so we decided to just stay overnight in Orlando and drive to Miami early morning. One important thing we had to do before driving is to buy a Sun Pass because Florida has a ton of tolls!

While making our itinerary for Florida, I spent some time researching a hotel to stay at, places to eat, and things to do. This is always the hardest part, but fun at the same time. After a couple days of researching for hotels I finally set my eyes on Washington Park Hotel since the property had beautiful aesthetics and it was close to the beach. Their compound consisted of four different buildings - the building we were assigned to was in the Davis building and this building had a stylish, modern decor. We were assigned to a king bedroom, but it wasn't as spacious as I thought it would be. Instead of focusing on the size of the room I was admiring the layout and design of the room - it's a simple and modern layout which I really like.


Other amenities of the hotel were the pool and a garden area to hang around at. This place was just so chill and the staff was very accommodating. Another extra cool thing about this hotel is if you're guest you have a complimentary use of their bicycles - I thought this was a great perk that the hotel provided; however, it is first come first serve so if you want to use one of the bicycles come early! Another perks of the hotel is a free bed out at the beach and they also provide you with water and towels. At check in they offer a complimentary alcoholic drink. The area was safe and people were nice. What made it more safe is that this hotel is right next door a police station so you don’t really have nothing to worry about.

Just a couple blocks from our hotel is a really good coffee/brunch place called Artisan. They had some really good food and coffee here. As a coffee aficionado, I always have to check out the local coffee roasters to check out their lattes! After coffee, it was time to finally head to the beach!

South Beach is definitely gorgeous - the sand was pure and the water was clear. This whole strip by the coast just had endless choices of food and shopping stores within walking distance. Everything is just so easy to get to, if you are staying on the strip at Miami Beach. It almost feels like Las Vegas where it doesn't need to be a weekend for it to be lively, it's lively every single night. Once the sun starts to set, the sunsets in South Beach are gorgeous!

So our first meal in Miami was at a Peruvian Restaurant called Bolivar. Can I say, how amazing their food is here! It's something we don’t usually eat back home but we loved it!  This place was amazing! Definitely a place to come back to.

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We also got to visit the Miami Design District. Oh how I loveeee the architecture here! Everything is so minimal but definitely classy! My favorite building has to be the Tom Ford building. This place is so chill you don't even have to come here to shop. Definitely a good place to take photos and of course hang out. There are also some other cool places around this area that we wish we had time to visit.


There is a brunch spot located in Miami Design District Called OTL. Just before I even get to walk in I knew I was already going to love this place. Besides it being so colorful and cute I love that they served healthy food and coffee, which is always a plus to me! Their prices are also reasonable for what you're getting. I am a pretty tough person to please when it comes to lattes and I must say that they have one of the best tasting lattes I have tried.

We also went to Masison Laduree across the street. Their building was so artistic! Macaroons + again coffee was great!

For the remainder of our trip, we spent it at Orlando. We got to end the trip with another amazing experience at Disney World, Magic Kingdom. You can't really go to florida without visinting one of their theme parks. It’s a must! I always have a great time coming to amusement parks. Another chance to live like a kid which I truly enjoy each time I get a chance.

I've been to Disney Land a couple of times but it was my fist time in Disney World. Due to our time restriction we were only able to go to one of the theme parks. For sure next time we will be visiting the other theme parks.

On our last whole day, we decided to drive down to Daytona Beach, about a good hour and half drive from Orlando. Another beautiful beach in Florida - the sand here was a lot smoother than Miami. It's less crowded and more family friendly.

Overall, I had a really great experience minus the couple of hours that it did rain. I will be coming back real soon.

Please check out my travel VLOG on this trip to see all the fun we had! For any advice or suggestions for traveling to Florida please feel free to ask me. I will be more than happy to make suggestions and give advice!