Its all about the face


Facial routine with loreals pure clay face mask. I've always wanted to try out these face mask's but due to having sensitive skin I never really tried to using anything on my face. Just some random night I decided to go to the store and buy some face mask to try and found these. Before I try anything I always go on my phone to look up and reviews and with these I heard nothing but good things about them so I decided to give a it a go! The first one i tried is the black detoxifying mask. It goes on nice and smooth. Im not sure with other face mask since this is the first one ive tried, you have to apply it quickly because it dries pretty fast. About a minute or two putting it on, I felt a tingy feeling on my face, it almost felt like a cool minty feeling on my face, lol. Surprisingly, my face didnt act weird as I thought it would've had. It really made my face feel so refreshed! So after my experience with the one, I decided to get the other kinds since they are very affordable. I will definitely be more open in trying out other products.