Fall Pieces: Must-Haves


Well what do you know, Fall is back! Time to bring back all the boots, the jackets and all your favorite layering pieces. Fall is one of the prettiest seasons especially as the trees change colors and the leaves fall down, it really gives you that real holiday feeling. The only downside of it is the weather, atleast on my side of the world. Good thing about it is that we get to wear all our favorite fall clothing pieces. I really just love being warm and comfortable during this season. One of my fall favorites are of course the jackets and boots! I mean who doesn’t feel like these are essentials, you would be silly for that one. Coming from someone like me, I can say that you can never have enough jackets and boots!

I really love to wear all different types of jackets. Some of my favorites to wear during this season are puffy coats, parkas, and trench coats. When it comes to jackets/coats I like to go simple and basic with colors as much as possible so that I can pair them with multiple outfits and looks. This brown trench coat I am wearing is currently my favorite. It can be pair with almost anything and it really keeps me warm. I am actually so proud to say that this coat was thrifted!! I have always wanted to go thrifting and so recently I decided to visit Goodwill in Seattle and scored this Banana Republic coat. Its actually fun to go on a thrifting adventure, its like looking for a treasure but you never know what you will find, LOL. Do you thrift? (Outfit - Bodysuit: Topshop alt. Pretty little thing, Jeans: Abercrombie, Shoes: Charles David)

One of my other favorite coats for this fall is my sherpa lined coat from Levis. I actually got this coat last summer from Levis and I knew this will definitely come in handy. I love denim jackets so much that I had to make sure I could still wear it this season so I got one that is cold weather friendly and this is just the perfect one :) Since I got it during summer time I actually bought it at a good price. They are now selling the same exact one for almost $100. I am so glad I bought this when they weren’t in season. (Outfit - Bodysuit: Topshop alt: Pretty little thing, Skirt: Free People)

When it comes to layering, it has to be cardigans! They are just one of those things where you can just grab and go and will almost always look good with anything. Just throw it on with your basic tee and jeans or something more dressy, either way it works out. Just like the one I am wearing in the photo. Let me tell you about this cardigan by Something Navy, it is so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to take it off. Seriously, LOL! I really like this cardigan because it can go with anything and because its long enough for me, I could also wear it as a dress (the perks of being petite!) (Outfit - Shoes: Express)

Turtle necks and sweaters are also one of my favorite layering pieces. I usually would wear them under jackets just like how I am wearing it in the photo. This is currently my favorite ribbed turtle neck from Forever 21. Sadly, they sold out in small so quick that I had to get it in a medium. Size is actually one of those things that don’t matter too much with turtlenecks/sweaters. Even if its not your size it still do-able. Matter of fact I love my sweaters a little oversized anyway. (Outfit - Jacket: Topshop)

I am also a lover of bodysuits and they make such great layering pieces as well. Not just this season but all year round I love to wear them (minus the inconvenience of taking them off while using the rest room, lol). The comfort and the many ways you can put them together is just so convenient. It actually also help keep you warm during colder seasons. Got me this amazing body suit from Nordstrom. This is definitely a fall staple. I like how its a bit thicker material than normal but not too thick like a sweater.

Boots are also one of my fall favorites, mostly booties and knee high boots. I like to keep it neutral with the colors, either black, white, or brown because they are easy to pair with outfits but of course I also love to get boots that are really different and a little extra. Especially for those times when you really feel the need to stand out. Knee high boots are great for keeping your legs warm in days when for some reason you feel like wearing short shorts/skirts or dresses during freezing times (that’s me! haha). Otherwise, on a more casual occasion I would just wear it over some jeans to give my legs that extra warmth and that extra length!

I am always nervous for fall/winter season because I never know what to expect. But I guess what’s good about this season is that no matter how it turns out to be my wardrobe will definitely keep me together!

What are your favorite pieces for this season?