Body Goals


I have always been body conscious since middle school but I never really cared much about going to the gym or being fit which does not make sense, I know. Well I did eventually when I got out of high school. I started caring about being healthy and being active to stay fit. I’m not sure why that is but I guess as you get old you tend to care more about keeping your body and your body image in a healthy state. My diet has also changed a lot. Coming from an Asian family, rice is eaten with everything lol. That’s what I grew up with and no lie I love rice! But I decided to put my foot down to not eating rice, well white rice at least. When I do crave rice I eat brown rice instead. Eating brown rice still gets you full but not like bloated full, in my experience. I noticed change in my body also when I stopped eating white rice. Not to say that white rice will kill you but like with everything else you eat, nothing is bad as long as you eat in small portions or eat occasionally.

I have made working out as a normal routine in my life and I plan on keeping it this way for as long as I can. At this point, my main target are abs, flexibility, glutes, and also stronger upper body. I never really work much on upper body since I am not trying to have super buff biceps or shoulders but just to be strong enough to be able to carry my own weight, if I needed to one day. Abs for me is definitely the hardest to work out but will continue to be working hard on them.

The hardest part of trying to get to my goal is the "DIET". Weekends and vacations are when I eat the worse!! Well who doesn’t eat everything when there on vacation tho? I mean its such a waste! Lol, well at least I know I do, shoot! Ok, so this is the part where I am not so good at. On the brighter side, I will say that I eat a lot healthier than I ever did in my life but I still do have some bad food habits which I think is totally ok and normal. Sometimes you just gotta eat something bad once in awhile to have more reasons to bust your butt even harder.

My current routine at the moment is cardio/weights at the gym and doing insanity at home with the family, alternating. Going to the gym takes a lot of motivation and hard work but doing more outside the gym is dedication to the max! Doing more high intensity work outs are where its at if your trying to burn them fats and gain more endurance. I love my workout routine right now because does it not only keep my body building but I get to spend time with family doing it! It's really motivating when you've got others working towards similar goals right by your side ♥️

In my previous blog post about staying fit I talked about the kind of clothing I like to wear. Well I recently got hooked on Adidas. I own the ultra boost and pure boost and they sure feel like your walking on clouds. They are amazing! They are sooo comfortable and feels great while running. I have tried on their other non-boost shoes and they are also comfortable. I do own many other running shoes but these are one of my favorites. You don't even have to wear them just for working out. I like to wear them on the daily most especially when I travel. They really do make traveling so much easier. Workout shoes are definitely an investment. When it comes to workout cloths/gear I am not too picky. I wear almost everything and anything mostly Dri-fit or anything with polyester material. As long as it keeps me from drenching in my own sweat then its a go. I want to mention specifically these workout cloths from GAP. This is the first time I am wearing their workout cloths. I really like the fit and the fact that they fit petite bodies. I wouldn't mind having more of these in my closet. I also found this lightweight jacket from ZARA which also comes in a salmon color. Perfect jacket to throw on for a quick run. I think its also great for on the go jacket for other occasions.

Thanks for keeping up with all my fitness updates! I will have another post in about a couple months and update you guys on any improvements!

Always remember to love your body and not hate it! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️