At-home Teeth Whitening


A simple smile can start conversations, interviews and important meetings off to a great start. That is why, it is essential to maintain the health and appearance of your teeth.

One of my biggest insecurities back then were my teeth. I wasn’t born with perfect teeth like some people are. So in high school I decided to get braces and I am so glad that I did. All those painful moments with braces I had to experience was all worth it. Due to having braces, I learned to be better at taking care of my teeth, in terms of cleaning and maintaining. After getting my braces off, I was so eager to get my teeth whitened. First product I ever used was crest whitening strips and it actually worked great for me but at the same time I didn’t like how the strips would slide off and also how much sensitivity I experienced. For that reason, I was only whitening every couple months because of how uncomfortable it was. As much as I loved the result it wasnt enough for me to continue using the product

Thankfully, Smile brilliant came to the rescue! They reached out to me and asked if I was interested in trying their product. I definitely got excited about it especially since I was able to do the process right here at home. Teeth whitening is very expensive especially if you're looking to get quick results, so this was a great opportunity for me to try out a new product!

The process is very straight forward and provides easy steps to follow. Before starting the product, I had to answer a couple of questions regarding dental history. They send you the package containing the things you need to make your impressions, used to make your custom fitted teeth dental trays.
         What is in the box:

  • 3 catalyst pastes

  • 3 base pastes

  • 2 impression trays (for top and bottom)

  • 4 syringes of desensitizing gel

  • 4 syringes of whitening gel

  • Instruction guides (tray creation, desensitizing gel usage, whitening gel usage)

  • Return card and postage-paid envelope

I actually messed up my first impression because I mixed my putties all at once and they hardened right away, So they sent me another package to do my bottom impressions since I used it all up on the top one. Finally, I made my a perfect impression, mission accomplished! Along with sending back the impressions is the consent card which is required to be filled out before your custom trays can be sent back to you. A week later, they arrived and I was excited to start with the whitening process.

As always read and follow the instructions given on how to apply the whitening gel/desensitizing gel into the trays. Usually what I like to do is to do is floss my teeth and rinse it (I dont brush my teeth until after I finish whitening). Then try to keep them as dry as possible, also making sure the trays are dry. Best time to do this is before bed and try not to eat after whitening just so your teeth can rest up. Other days I like to do it while I am working, checking emails or even while I am getting ready to go out. Its really convenient so you can do it whenever it is convenient for you.

How long should you do it for? Its really up to you or how sensitive your teeth are. The instruction says you are allowed to have it on for 45 mins up to 3 hours. I usually just like to have it on for 45 mins and then 15-20 mins with the desensitizing gel, which helps to reduce the sensitivity and prevents future stain. So weather your sensitive to whitening or not the desensitizing gel still great to use. So glad the kit comes with this gel because it makes whitening my teeth even more comfortable. I know it works because my first night whitening I didn't use the desensitizing gel and from there forward I cant do without it. After each use, I keep my trays clean by rinsing it with warm water making sure any gel left over is completely out then I just let it sit to dry.


After doing this for over a month now, I am beyond satisfied and happy with the product. I started seeing changes like 2-3 days of using the product. I am so amazed especially with the desensitizing gel, I can whiten my teeth as much as I want and not feel any sensitivity. Now I don't have to limit myself from drinking coffee, thank God! I will continue my teeth whitening using this product and I definitely recommend it!



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This is a sponsored post, however everything written is my honest opinion.